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What is the National Association of Mexican World Heritage Cities A.C.?

Mexico is the fourth country in number of cities declared by UNESCO as world heritage, only behind Spain, Italy and France. The fourth part of the cities considered world heritage in the American continent are in our country, making us the number one country in America, which implies a great responsibility with humanity and great pride for Mexicans.
For this reason, on August 15, 1996, the municipal presidents of the Mexican world cities constituted, in the City of Zacatecas, Zacatecas, the National Association of Mexican World Heritage Cities, A.C.

The ANCMPM A.C. It has an associative will among the Municipal Presidencies that seek to create a synergy, through a network structure to manage resources, generate alliances and to guarantee continuity in the application of public policies around the rescue of historic centers. The ANCMPM A.C. seeks to consolidate itself as an innovative organization that, through its capacity for dialogue with federal agencies, can feed into transversal policies that improve the state of conservation of the world heritage in Mexico and generate better economic development in cities.

Our objectives:

  • Manage public and private economic support, national and international same that will be allocated for works and actions that preserve, preserve, improve, disseminate and maintain cities that have been declared by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage of Humanity.d.
  • The protection, conservation, restoration and recovery of the cultural patrimony of the nation, under the terms of the Federal Law on Monuments and Archaeological, Artistic and Historical Areas and the General Law of National Assets; as well as the values of the intangible heritage, the art of the indigenous communities in all the original manifestations of their own languages, the uses and customs, crafts and traditions of the multicultural composition that make up the country.

Our work:

It consists of three fundamental axes: cultural diffusion; tourism promotion; and the management of resources for the improvement of infrastructure and equipment of the Mexican World Heritage Cities, such as:

  • Signage
  • Placement of Monuments
  • Monuments lighting
  • Rescue of Squares and Gardens
  • Participation in National and International Tourism Fairs
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